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February, 14th 2020
February, 24th 2020
April, 24th 2020
August, 7th 2020
It‘s official release by X-Energy Productions from Italy was absolutely not planned when I created the remix in response to Annerley Gordon's Facebook livestreams. Thanks to everyone who made this possible. - Ken Stewart -
Get it now August, 21st 2020
February, 14th 2021
It‘s been quiet about my sub project ZODiAC:LEO for a while. But now there‘s a new piece of music and I decided to give it away for free to everyone as a Valentine‘s present. Get this touching ballad by clicking on the link below!
Download the song for free May, 14th 2021
Lately, for my sub project ZODiAC:LEO I teamed up with Dhany! We are proud to present you our first collaboration „I Don‘t Want To Know“, a cover version of the Vaya Con Dios classic from 1990.
cover photograph by Gabriel Moginot
May, 21st 2021
cover photograph by Gabriel Moginot
Last week, Dhany and I were proud to present you the result of our first collaboration. But to be honest, we didn‘t tell you everything about it. We hope you enjoy the KEN STEWART remixes of „I Don‘t Want To Know“, too!
July, 23rd 2021
Ken Stewart is back with this catchy and highly danceable tune. „Love Divine“ is a smooth and rather minimalistic house number, seasoned with these so familiar 90s sounds and only one message: Love who you want and feel fine!
Download and listen to „Love Divine“ April, 3rd 2022
Ken Stewart just joined Eurodance Vibes, a newly founded record label which describes itself as a not-for-profit record label dedicated to becoming a platform for artists from the golden era of eurodance music - the 90s. Therefore my latest productions (under the name Ken Stewart ) will be released by Eurodance Vibes, starting in June 2022. And be assured: It‘ll be worth the wait. I am not alone… Best wishes to all of you and thanks to everyone who made it possible! Ken Stewart
June, 9th 2022
The time has come! My collaboration with Annerley & Dhany comes to light! Not only is our new single „One Night With You“ available for you digitally or for listening online, but also as a limited real CD with a signed autograph card for the first 100 buyers from Eurodance Vibes!
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My first official collaboration (and the 2nd to be released) with the incredible Annerley Gordon came out today! After almost 2 years in the making we are really proud and excited to present you this cool dance number! And as if this wasn‘t enough rapture, Annerley & the guys from Eurodance Vibes shot a very cute old-school music video clip along to my EURO mix! 90s flashback galore. The new single is available as physical CD and digital download from Eurodance Vibes‘ official website.
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