I am sure everyone who is at least a bit familiar with dance music should know this incredible woman - or let‘s say: her voice! Annerley has been part of countless eurobeat, dance and pop music numbers from the early nineties until today. Not only is she famous for her song writing for acts like Corona, Spagna, Dhany or Whigfield, but also as a standalone artist / performer herself (Ann Lee). Due to her truly chameleon-like talent for changing her vocal tone, she was preferred and regularly booked as a studio singer for a vast amount of productions. After presenting my rework of one of her 90s classics „Ring My Bell“ (a cover version of the original song by Anita Ward), we agreed to work on more songs. What a pleasure! What a person! What a charm to work with you, Annerley! For further information about Annerley and her impressing discography, please visit her official website: www.annerleymusic.com (external link)
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